John of God By Heather Cumming & Karen Leffler

John of God will move you, inspire you, and bring you further along your own path of healing. Simply reading the book activates the heart — you will be swept along by the biography of John of God and captivated by the stories of miraculous healings he has affected. This is a book of HOPE — for you, for me, for all of mankind and the planet — it doesn’t get any better than this!

John Teixeira de Faria, also known as John of God (or Medium Joao), is a healer, medium and channeler who lives in Abadiana, Brazil. Part of what is so remarkable about Medium Joao is that he channels entities from a huge “collective” of healing entities or spirits that incarnate through him to perform the healings while he remains in a trance state. Over a career spanning nearly fifty years, and most of the globe, he has performed over 8,000,000 healings in this way. This book, John of God, is the first authorized biography (including permission from the entities) to tell his story, show photos of the entities’ energy, and describe the nature of his healings.

Medium Joao’s story is fascinating, and Heather Cumming does a masterful job of interviewing him, his wife and family, friends, and several people who have received healings. We learn that Medium Joao’s came from an impoverished background where he spent his formative years illiterate and working as a manual laborer in a variety of jobs. He had his first intuitions and premonitions at the age of 9, and started his healings at the age of 16 while working as a tailor for the military. His fame as a healer grew quickly, and his nickname “John of God” grew from his repeated assurance that it was not him doing the healings but God, in this case working through the spirits that he channeled.

Over the years, Medium Joao was alternately arrested because the local medical community felt threatened, and lauded by governments and heads of state who received healings from him. Eventually the entities guided him to purchase a property outside of Abadiana, where the earth itself is highly energized and he would be free to do his healings in peace. According to the author, Medium Joao, though poorly educated, is naturally brilliant and an astute business man able to sustain his healing work through his business ventures.

Karen Leffler, John of God, & Heather CummingThis property is known as “The Casa” and that is where the rest of the book gets really interesting. We learn about the various spirits that incarnate through Medium Joao’s, some of whom were quite famous in their own lifetimes on earth, such as St. Ignatius Loyola and John the Baptist. Karen Leffler’s photos are captivating as she captures the shift in energies as Medium Joao goes into a trance and then the incarnated entity performs actual surgery.

The remainder of John of God is almost a guide to the Casa —interspersed with amazing stories of actual healings, we learn how to prepare for a healing, dietary recommendations, how the surgeries (both physical and spiritual) work, as well as how to activate these healing entities at home, if you cannot see Medium Joao in person. In addition to time with Medium Joao (or the entities), one may spend several hours in a “current” of healing energy, resting on a crystal bed, or visiting a waterfall that has its own vortex of energy.

The co-author, Heather Cumming, is both a translator for Medium Joao and a medium for the Casa, in that she can hold the energy and help others to heal by tapping into the same collective of spirits that Medium Joao does. In addition to arranging guided visits to the Casa in Brazil, Heather does healings herself at her home in Connecticut, where she has one of the crystal beds like they use at the Casa. This reviewer had a memorable and powerful healing experience there, and I cannot speak highly enough of Heather’s warmth and intuitive talent.

Most important, throughout the healing there was truly a sense of connecting to this powerful collective of advanced spirits — those who are helping to heal all of us, partly to advance their own spiritual growth — but also to relieve our suffering, and to re-inspire our health, our faith and our energy. The thought that there are so many advanced entities helping us and the world is a powerful message of hope.


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by Cheryl Shainmark
*Heather Cumming is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master/teacher, and certified Qi Gong practitioner. As an official Casa Tour Guide, Heather takes groups to the Casa on a regular basis.She is multilingual (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French) and translates for visitors who come to the Casa. She also devotes her time to support John of God’s healing mission outside of Brazil: accompanying him on healing trips abroad, translating for him and the Entities, and acting as liaison for his healing trips to the United States.For more information, please visit Heather’s website,*Karen Leffler is a published architectural and freelance photographer residing in Weston, Connecticut. Her previously published book, “The House That Jill Built,”was a collaborative effort with fellow Buddhist practitioner, Judy Ostrow.She has been a long standing member of the board of Padma Shedrup Ling, a Buddhist organization in California. She offers her photographic services to nonprofit foundations, and photographs John of God and the Entities in Brazil. Karen is a Daughter of the Casa. To contact Karen for further information on spirit photography, sacred journeys, or to purchase images, visit Karen’s websites: or