Anna Breytenbach’s Living In Harmony with Our Animal Friends

We’re happy to see a new video from Anna’s series, “Living Kindly.” This short collection features ideas on how to be conscious of our wild friends in and around our homes. Watch here as Anna shares some practical ways in which she considers the small creatures in everyday life. A little kindness goes a long way. Let’s be kind to one animal today!

Or check out this other podcast, Living in Harmony and Deep Connection with the Natural World. In this podcast Anna shares about some challenges that we need to address inwardly, as well as learnings from the natural world that are offered in support of humanity during this pivotal time in our evolution. Enjoy this heartfelt, interactive and insightful conversation where Anna and Jenni (from Lion Heart) talk about living in harmony and deep connection. Adjusting our perceptions to include the more-than-human realms is easily within reach of every person.

Anna’s work concentrates in the field of rehabilitating and assisting wildlife within the natural world, conservation and sanctuaries. Her passion also resides in teaching others to reinstate their natural ability to connect and communicate with the non-human species and re-establish right relationship with the Natural World.

Learn more about Anna Breytenbach at her website AnimalSpirit