Why I Believe There Is Life After Death For Our Beloved Animals By Susan A. Deren

Losing an animal companion is like losing a friend. However, with animals there is little guidance for the grieving process. With humans, we gather and attend wakes and funerals to remember and heal. Through these events, we seek out an understanding of what happens to our loved ones. Some believe in the afterlife, others don’t.

As a medium, I deliver messages to people who have lost their loved ones. The details and specifics transmitted in these messages are undeniable. This has strengthened my belief that we do not go far when we pass, that our loved ones are still around to see our life’s journey. Those that experience the passing of an animal companion often question what happens to their beloved friends. Where do they go? Do they go to the same place we do?

In medium sessions, it is not unusual to see a beloved childhood pet appear next to the spirit of someone who has recently passed. This not only confirms that it is the spirit speaking, but also shows that their animal is being taken care of by those on the other side. Their appearance in a reading is a comforting reminder that we all live on… even our animals. Now, for those of you who still doubt this theory, I will share with you a story that will change even your minds.

His name was Charles, a beautiful white Arabian horse. I would often stop by to visit him if I was near the farm where he lived. Charles had a human like quality to him. He was my friend.

His owner called me one afternoon to let me know that he was very ill and if I wanted to see him, I should stop by soon. Charles was twenty-five and suffering from severe colic. They did not think he was going to survive. I knew I had to see my friend one last time.

Many people stopped by that day to see Charles. This horse was not only well liked by the other horses there, but also by the many people that had come in contact with him over the years.

The next morning, I felt a presence around me. I could “see” Charles and I knew he had passed. Then, just as the living animals talk to me, I heard Charles speak. He asked me if I could give his owner a message. He said, “Tell her I’ll be back some day, but I’ll come back as a Bay.”

Later that week, his owner called to tell me that Charles had passed shortly after my visit. I told her I had a message for her and explained what he had said to me. She was silent at first. Then she told me that, actually, this was comforting to her. You see, right before Charles passed, she led him out to the field where he loved to run, one last time. He took a few nibbles of the sweet green grass. What she said to him next she never shared with anyone. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and said, “Please come back to me, but come back to me as a Bay.”

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The Emotional Connection Between Animals And Their Human Companions By Susan A. Deren

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