Knowing the Intelligent Cosmic Space by Paul Mulliner

How tuning in to the intelligent cosmic space present everywhere in the Universe, helps us dissolve the thought boundaries which separate us from each other.

You’re not a separate person. Neither am I. Although we have separate human bodies, the conscious awareness we all share with each other is a single field of cosmic intelligence, a spatial consciousness everywhere inside us and throughout the Universe.

Each one of us is this cosmic spatial-intelligence continuously coming into existence as a human being.

Cosmic intelligence is transforming itself into living beings by spin-patterning cosmic energy into the quantum scale field-resonances we observe as the streaming flows of cell biochemistry characteristic of all life.

A cosmic field-intelligence organism in all space is transforming itself into living beings across the Universe, making itself visible to itself and experiencing life as every living being.

There’s never a time in our everyday life when this field-consciousness, the core-stuff of the Universe, isn’t looking through us into the world, conscious of every moment of our experience, aware of every thought, realizing and knowing every moment as we know it.

As we tune in to this spatial conscious-intelligence and bring it into our awareness, we can begin to feel more at home in the Universe and on this planet.

We can find a larger sense of ourselves as cosmic beings, as we intuitively realize the whole visible Universe and all life everywhere to be a continuously generated expression of cosmic intelligence.

Today, here and now in our everyday life in the world, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing at this moment, we’re connected into a cosmic-scale consciousness field-organism which is bringing us all into being within itself.

The space around, within and between us is an aware and conscious cosmic intelligence and as we intuitively realize this conscious awareness within ourselves by inwardly paying attention to it, we’re allowing it to know itself within us.

How tuning in to the intelligent cosmic space present everywhere in the Universe, helps us dissolve the thought boundaries which separate us from each other.

When we do this, we realize that there’s no actual ‘other’. There’s only the appearance of others, within one seamless field of conscious awareness inside all of us and in all space everywhere.

Our thoughts about our self can reinforce the sense of separation we may feel from existing in separate human bodies and our busy life in the world can result in us paying more attention to what’s happening around us than inside us.

Tuning in to the presence of this cosmic field inside ourselves helps us lessen our attachment to thoughts of separation and we can more easily dissolve the thought boundaries that separate us from each other.

Becoming more aware of where our attention is actually focused is crucial. We can sometimes allow the focus of our attention to drift, for example, from one item to another on our screens and forget to gently direct this focus inward from time to time.

The focus of our attention has an actual location, like the bright spot you see when you focus light from the sun with a lens. Right now your attention-focus is on these words on your screen.

If you pause from reading for a moment, you can take this point-focused attention away from the words on your screen and move it into the deep inner core of yourself and allow your thinking to subside.

A conscious space become apparent which is clearly not confined to our separate human body but extends throughout all space and includes all of us.

A field-experiencing cosmic consciousness is experiencing every moment within all of us, generating all life across the Universe and becoming more aware of itself by doing so.

~We can bring this intuitive realization into our daily life by taking a focus of attention inward.

~The focus of our attention, like the rays of light focused into a high intensity point by a lens, has an actual location in the space that surrounds us.

~If we pause from reading for a moment, we can take the location of this point-focused attention away from the words on our screen and move it into the inner core of our self.

~We can gently hold this focus of attention in the inner core of our self and allow our thinking to subside.

~Our attention is now focused within a conscious, self-aware space which seems to be not only inside us, but everywhere throughout the Universe.

What we are, at the core of our innermost self and in all space everywhere, is what is looking through all of us into the world.


Tarot for Self-Transformation by Sahar Huneidi

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Guardian Energies of Place: What Do They Feel? by Tim Walter

Guardian energies of place can be engaged in conversation just like a human being. We can have conversations with any of them, if necessary using dowsing. They are always willing to share their perspective on their awareness and seem to view our questions with patience and acceptance. They are after all, an aspect of the overall collective consciousness just like us, but they are being expressed in a different dimension that overlaps ours.

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Thoughts for Today: Quantum Science, Astrophysics & Orgonomy

| by Michael Mannion

Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Walter Schemp (one of the key creators of fMRI technology) and others are describing a process in nature they call the quantum hologram (QH) which has opened a new field of science, “quantum holography.” In their description, all animate and inanimate objects in nature are emitting radiation as groups of photons–which they call quantum holograms—that contain information about the life history of the objects emitting them. You can find the details of this work at the website of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters,

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Transforming 4th Dimensional Bodies into 5th Dimensional Beings: Finding the Portal/Gap to Bring about Transformation by Bear Walker

| by Bear Walker

“I was blessed to grow up with the master of ancient wisdom my grandfather, an Anishanabe Elder. His simple wisdom and insight were a huge part of my early training and he never tired of my constant questions… I learned of the sacred teachings of the Medwiwins in the Anishanabe tribe. The closest name or word for Medwiwin in today’s language would be Shaman. So my beloved Grandfather taught me the ancient ways of the medicine wheel which are the basis of all our teachings.”

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The Science of Gratitude: It’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore

| by Merlian News

The Science of Gratitude: We all know that we should be thankful for what we have, hopefully not just at Thanksgiving, but all the time. But did you know that it can be good for you as well? Research shows that the more you practice an attitude of gratefulness, the greater the effect. Gratitude confers a multitude of benefits, such as increased health, social connectedness, feelings of well-being and energy, as well as decreased feelings of depression, greed and envy and decreased substance abuse.

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Realizing the Transpersonal Self by Paul Mulliner

If we take a focus of attention inward regularly, we can realize intuitively that our conscious awareness, rather than being separate from the world as it seems to be, exists as a field of consciousness everywhere in all space. We can discover that awareness doesn’t just exist inside our own head but also extends into the space inside and around all of us, as a field-self or non-local self that we all participate in. This spatial consciousness extends throughout the Universe and is aware everywhere within itself. Inside each one of us, it’s providing a conscious awareness which is experienced through the context of our human eyes, ears and touch.

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MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a method of using meditation and yoga to cultivate awareness and reduce stress. Of course, many of us having been doing this for years, but did you know it had a name? First developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn (video) in 1979, MBSR is based on the ancient practice of mindfulness, which is about waking up and being present in the richness of each moment of our lives. Within this awakening, we gain access to our deepest inner resources for living, healing, and coping with stress.

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The Quest – Chronicle One by Peter Quiller

Chronicle One begins… Being My Search for the Round Table These are strange, restless times when, in the words of the late Joseph Campbell: “We have no modern myths to sustain us.” Many of us live greedy, fragmented lives, devoid of any direct contact with nature, the numinous or the divine. We are often dissatisfied, or disaffected, forever in pursuit of elusive Eldorados. Why? Whatever made us this way? Sociologists and psychologists blame it all on the Industrial Revolution – the age of the machine. Certainly, science has been doing its best, since the Age of Reason, to make mythology irrelevant, and the Christian church, in turn, has made God appear to be against Nature. As a direct result anything natural or mythological has been viewed with the gravest suspicion and frequently derided in public, certainly during the course of the twentieth century.

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Relationship with the Silence by Paul Mulliner

The conventional explanation for the existence of consciousness is that it’s generated somehow by the brain. It’s possible though that the brain acts as a window into a field of consciousness which is present everywhere in the Universe. Indeed, if we gently hold a focus of attention in the inner core of ourselves, we can quite easily reach an intuitive realisation that the conscious awareness we have inside us exists also in the space around us. It seems that the ‘I am’ awareness which exists, apparently separately, inside each one of us is an intrinsic property of all space everywhere and is simultaneously present inside all of us.

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