Cosmos and Consciousness 2022 – The Next Step

COSMOS AND CONSCIOUSNESS 2022 THE NEXT STEP: A Unitary Approach to the Planetary Emergency Personal, Societal, Ecological.

Saturday November 12th at the New York Academy of Medicine at 5th Avenue and 103rd Street in Manhattan.

What do you get when an Award-Winning New York Times Journalist; a Renowned Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist; and 3 Pioneering Energy Weather Engineers walk into the New York Academy of Medicine? A new understanding of the Universe and your place in it.  This will be a conference unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

This year, we continue our focus on leading-edge knowledge that we feel is vital to the existence of the human species—that is, to us, our children, and our grandchildren. This conference is the first program of a new Mindshift project. For complete information, and to register for the conference, go to

Our human world is in crisis. Increasing numbers of people are beginning to comprehend the perils we face. We are creating a new program of action that we think can be of help: THE NEXT STEP: A Unitary Approach to the Planetary Emergency Personal, Societal, Ecological. The conference on this subject will take place on Saturday November 12th at the New York Academy of Medicine at 5th Avenue and 103rd Street in Manhattan

Trish Corbett, co-founder of The Mindshift Institute with Michael Mannion, will open the event with an introduction to our program The Next Step. Orgonomy, the science of the Life Energy, is the heart of this effort, a 21st century approach that helps us to overcome the existing dichotomy between personal change and social change.

Personal and societal change need to occur in an integrated manner, not separately, on parallel or contradictory tracks, as has been the case in the past. The Next Step will provide a way for us to unite the work being done to bring about fundamental life-positive change as individuals and as a society.  Trish will introduce us to the great potential benefits that can result from investigating and developing this new knowledge.

Author Michael Mannion will present an overview of Reich’s later energy work, focusing on the profound documents that Reich submitted to the US Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court in 1956. He was facing imprisonment for his visionary ideas.  Reich introduced the justices to his new view of the Universe, one filled by a mass-free cosmic energy, an energy that is the underlying Unity in Nature.  These discoveries can be helpful to us in our present Planetary Emergency.

The effectiveness of Orgone Weather Engineering to combat drought and desertification is one example of this knowledge. A non-polluting, mass-free energy motor is another. Reich also presented his findings about the reality of intelligent life beyond Earth and its impact on human civilization and culture. Michael’s talk about Reich’s science provides a re-evaluation for a new generation.

Award-winning author and New York Times journalist Ralph Blumenthal, and colleagues Leslie Kean and Helene Cooper, were instrumental in shattering 75 years of media ridicule about UFOs with their page one New York Times article of Dec. 17, 2017 revealing a long-secret Pentagon program to investigate these mysterious visitations.  Mainstream media outlets quickly shed their smirks and came to take UFOs seriously, if leaving aside, for now, key questions of where they came from and why, and who– or what — may be flying them.

Ralph will share with us his thoughts on this profound transformation—or Mindshift—in American society and what he has learned about UFOs, now re-branded as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and AAVs, that is, advanced aerospace vehicles not made by any nation on Earth.

In his talk, Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist Dr Rudy Schild will discuss the new Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness which has arisen from the discoveries of Dr Edgar Mitchell and his colleagues in combination with Dr Schild’s own investigations involving MECOs, more commonly known as “black holes.”

Dr Schild will describe a model of consciousness as a resonance of the human brain with the Quantum Hologram description of all information and show how that is connected to the human experience in the act of consciousness.  Recent results of brain wave scans underlie a local model where consciousness is a resonance of the human brain with the Quantum Hologram. Nevertheless, consciousness is also non-local and not solely derived from the human brain. This model can describe how consciousness may also reside outside of the brain.

In her talk, Dr Conny Huthsteiner, a psychiatrist and orgone therapist, will focus on orgone weather engineering operations that she has undertaken with her colleagues. She will share with us what actually happens at such operations, what it feels like when the energy field of the planet is altered by a cloudbuster.  She will tell us about the impact of the weather engineering efforts she and her colleagues have conducted.

Immediately after her talk, Dr Huthsteiner will be joined by her colleagues Dr Stephan Simonian and Dr Roberto Maglione (virtually from Italy) for a panel discussion of their weather engineering work which they have been engaged in for many years.


It is the physical cosmic primordial energy that is the underlying unity of all that will be shared at this event. The quote below from Wilhelm Reich captures the spirit of both our conference and of our project The Next Step:

“…how far-reaching are the possibilities of the discovery of Cosmic Primordial Energy: opening to mankind the pathway toward a new age of rational biological living in harmony with the laws of the creative life force, and with the possibilities of technological developments in ‘Cosmic Engineering’ as yet embryonic, but infinite in promise.”

We hope you will join us for an enlightening and enlivening day.

A Few Thoughts About Thinking

| by Cheryl Shainmark

I recently finished reading “Anathem” by Neal Stephenson, for the second time, (not something I usually do) and I was struck by an offhand observation that the young main character makes about another man who may be hundreds of years old. At one point, the old man is chanting and holds the same note for hours, (clearly some kind of re-breathing technique), and the young man ponders what it’s like to have such a different notion of time that you would want to chant the same note for hours. Then he has the insight that a mind that has done that probably has very different thoughts from a mind that hasn’t.

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Merlian News Podcast With Gregg Braden

In this podcast, Gregg Braden talks with Merryn Jose about his contribution to The Mystery of 2012 — Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities and his new book The Divine Matrix. He discusses magnetic reversal, the field, special relativity, Michelson & Morley’s experiment, how prayer can influence, the power of the heart, The Mayan calendar and what its end might mean for us in 2012 and much more ! New York Times best selling author, Gregg Braden, is renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality…He is author of The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix. For more than twenty years Braden has searched mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Beyond any reasonable doubt his work shows us that we have the power to reverse disease, redefine aging, and even change reality itself, by embracing the focused power of belief and human emotion as the quantum language of change.

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The Path to Higher Consciousness by Mary O’Malley

From, Mary O’Malley writes, “The healing you long for doesn’t come from changing anything. It comes from the ability to see and be with what is, for who you are is awareness. You are the space that your storyteller is happening in. As awareness, you can see the spells (limiting beliefs), feelings and sensations that pass through you all day long rather than being lost in the stories they generate….”

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Check Out – An Incredible Resource

One of the best aspects of my work here at Merlian News is introducing people to the news, food, products, cutting edge science, and leading minds that can help improve our lives and enhance our spiritual growth…. This month I think I’ve found something for everybody in

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Abundant Life: Co-create Your Destiny by Peter Gruenewald, MD

In our “Abundant Life Meditation”, we encourage people to use two affirmative mantras that allow us to daily connect with the source of our inner “Abundant Life”, which is our Higher Self, which can access all our developmental potential in free choice, embrace it with love and manifest it through visualisation and actions, creating new life circumstances. And with these affirmations we also deeply connect during this meditation with the other source of creation, the source of creation of cosmos, nature, and humanity. It’s also the creative universal spirit of nature and human destiny, to which we connect in our meditation.

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Remembering We Are One World by Stephen Thomson

At the end of a period of meditation, I slowly opened my eyes and saw my friend Everett, who had passed away three years earlier, standing in front of me.  Everett seemed so present – so alive – in that moment, and his vital presence remained as I came into full consciousness. Realizing what I was seeing, I was overcome by a whole range of emotions, the most intense of these being feelings of love and joy at being once again in the presence of my beloved friend.

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Transforming 4th Dimensional Bodies into 5th Dimensional Beings: Finding the Portal/Gap to Bring about Transformation by Bear Walker

| by Bear Walker

“I was blessed to grow up with the master of ancient wisdom my grandfather, an Anishanabe Elder. His simple wisdom and insight were a huge part of my early training and he never tired of my constant questions… I learned of the sacred teachings of the Medwiwins in the Anishanabe tribe. The closest name or word for Medwiwin in today’s language would be Shaman. So my beloved Grandfather taught me the ancient ways of the medicine wheel which are the basis of all our teachings.”

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The Words We Choose

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The Words We Choose: James Pennebaker, the author of The Secret Life of Pronouns, has spent more than 30 years studying the psychological causes of physical illnesses. What he’s found is that the words we choose can affect our physical and mental health, and even alter our mood. In one study Pennebaker found that writing 15 minutes a day can help fight cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks and loneliness.

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Donate to Help the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

As the world watches the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we feel a need to respond with any help that we can provide. While several local churches and community centers have coordinated relief efforts, others are helping on an international level. For those who wish to help, we have compiled a few websites. Please note that Merlian News is not equipped to receive donations. Please use the list below.

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