Sahar Interviews Merryn Jose on the Use of Castor Oil Packs

Listen to: Podcast Interview with Merryn Jose on the Use of Castor Oil Packs for enhancing Health

In this podcast Sahar Huneidi interviews Merryn Jose, who describes the use of Edgar Cayce’s castor oil packs, how they work and what they can be used for, including speeding up the body’s recovery process. Merryn is also the editor and publisher of, a holistic resources gateway.

The Miracle of Castor Oil Packs by Merryn Jose

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack (video)


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Spiritual Awakenings: Scientists and Academics Describe their Experiences

I’ve been reading the recently published book, Spiritual Awakenings: Scientists and Academics Describe Their Experiences, edited by neuroscientist Marjorie Woollacott and David Lorimer. In this book 57 scientists and academics discuss how their experience of spiritual awakening transformed their philosophical world-view and perception of reality. I have found that many of their stories validate my own experiences over the years. This in itself is a profound revelation for me, as I have had these events all my life, but found so few people, apart from my clairvoyant mother, Maureen Treanor, who also experienced these on a regular basis, with whom I could share.

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Revisiting the Seth Material

Reading the Seth Material was life changing for me!! In the mid ’80s, my mother and I had been experiencing many of the same phenomena our whole lives. Someone recommended that I investigate Jane Roberts’ story of channeling material and I devoured that first book in one sitting.

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A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

I first came across Victor and Wendy Zammit’s website, The Afterlife Report, around June of 2015. Since that time, I have looked forward with great excitement every week to the latest newsletter. Something always captures my attention from the mix of articles, interviews, videos, and book reviews, and I learn something new each week. I can’t count how many times that I’ve “lost” an hour because I clicked on one or more links in the newsletter!

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Cooking With Qi & Conquering Any Disease

Like so many of us, I’ve been watching my nutrition and eating healthfully for years, buying only organic food and the very freshest ingredients possible. Also years ago, I cut out those foods that are known to damage our systems. I thought I was doing well until I heard about Qigong Master Jeff Primack and his food based healing system.

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The Element of Uncertainty

Many years ago I used to make a living reading the Tarot cards, and teaching others how to do it. Coming from a long line of psychics, I grew up watching my Mum give readings from tea leaves and cards as well. Early on my mother taught me that people want to hear about their love life, their houses, their children and their careers. She also said, “People want to hear certainty and specific outcomes.” I found that while I enjoyed helping people, I felt a responsibility to not misguide them or be so directive that they ignored other possibilities.

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Check Out – An Incredible Resource

One of the best aspects of my work here at Merlian News is introducing people to the news, food, products, cutting edge science, and leading minds that can help improve our lives and enhance our spiritual growth…. This month I think I’ve found something for everybody in

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Merlian News Podcast Interview with Master Stephen Co: Part 1

| by Merlian News

In Part 1 of this interview , Master Co talks with Merryn Jose about pranic healing. Stephen Co is a master of the Life Force energy. The “miracles” that Master Co performs are nature’s certain response to the conscious direction of our life force energy ( Chi or Prana ). This subtle knowledge has evolved in the Orient over thousands of years. These ancient mysteries have been organized into a clear-cut science by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, and are taught in the West by his senior disciple, Master Stephen Co. This system is called Pranic Healing.

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Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

| by Merryn Jose

Eating For Beauty is a well illustrated, delightful easy to read book, by David Wolfe-a raw food enthusiast. You can literally eat yourself beautiful to wonderfully exotic recipes for skin-glow, hair-building, nails, bone strengthening and much more. This book is filled with information about the importance of good nutrition. There are clear explanations on exactly what zinc, iron, chromium, manganese and certain minerals do for the body and which foods supply these nutrients.’

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Donate to Help the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

As the world watches the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we feel a need to respond with any help that we can provide. While several local churches and community centers have coordinated relief efforts, others are helping on an international level. For those who wish to help, we have compiled a few websites. Please note that Merlian News is not equipped to receive donations. Please use the list below.

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