Getting a World Class Education at Quantum University

The alternative health and wellness market is growing bigger every day as more people recognize the importance of taking proper care of their health. Just as important is the growing trend of educating ourselves about the range of options available, and why they are effective. For that reason, we recommend Quantum University for the range and depth of their online courses, seminars, and educational videos featuring such leaders in the field as Amit Goswami, Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza (video), Lynne McTaggart, and more.

Founded in 2002 by Canadian physician Dr. Paul Drouin, Quantum University is the world’s largest institution of higher learning to provide online degrees and certification programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine based on the science of quantum physics. Their educational programs are tailored to the practical and clinical needs of their students. From their website, we read:

“We believe that everyone must be educated in how to heal yourself and heal others. Our education from renowned faculty members is based on quantum physics, the science that provides a model to understand our universe and, therefore, a model to understand healing. Transform your passion into action, join a movement to change the world, and together we will build a new future for medicine.”

Whether you are looking to start a career, switch to a new one, or simply want to be an educated consumer, you will find the online lectures and videos fascinating.