Join the Global Peace Meditation on April 4-5

This is an open letter and cosmic invitation to spiritual leaders and influencers around the globe! We are asking for 1 Million meditators to join us to liberate and reclaim our world on April 4, 2020, at precisely 10:45 pm EST (New York).

On April 4, 2020 a tremendous astrological portal will open, through which humanity must unite as one mind, one consciousness and, by so doing, take great strides in reclaiming our independence from the financial debt slave system instituted 700 years ago, dissolve the old world structures, erase the corona virus and the fear surrounding it, and end the 5G network and its deadly radiation (likely a major factor in what happened in Wuhan, China, with reports surfacing now that as many as 3 million people may have died of radiation poisoning in that province.

The power that we will have at our disposal on APRIL 4th is truly Astronomical in the most literal sense when the planets of Jupiter and Pluto come together in the sky that day! We intend to harness this powerful astrological alignment and creative a massive SHIFT for humanity in the most positive and harmonious direction possible, but this will require MASS PARTICIPATION and a joining of Hearts and Minds with singular focus and intention on a level that has not yet been reached on planet Earth (see video).

You are now being asked to expand that power by reaching out to all who follow your social media pages and read your books or blogs and communicate that MASS MEDITATIONS on a GLOBAL SCALE need to become a Top Priority, beginning with the powerful Astrological Ascension Portal that will open April 4, 2020 when an unprecedented wave of light (5D gamma waves) will flood our planet.  To encourage participation there are many spiritual communities hosting events on April 4th, including that of  Mingtong Gu at The Chi Center.

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