Merlian News Podcast with Alexandra Holzer

Daughter to the famed and original 1960’s pioneering Ghost Hunter, Author Dr. Hans Holzer and to Artist, Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden, comes the next generation in ghosts, the unexplained and fantasy worlds. Alexandra Holzer studied at the best prep schools in New York City and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology. While raising four incredible children in upstate New York, she writes sci-fi/fantasy, screenplays and supernatural, horror thrillers.

In this interview, Alexandra discusses with Merryn Jose her childhood, her family’s history, as well as her books and her personal experiences.

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by Merlian News
While raising four incredible children, Holzer writes sci-fi/fantasy novels such as the epic trilogy Lady Ambrosia-Secret Past Revealed, second book now in the completion stage of the series, screenplays such as a supernatural, horror thriller currently at a production company in New York in Tribeca written for Canadian actor Hayden Christensen. The first non-fiction title, a memoir entitled, 'Growing Up Haunted' is generating vast interest with traditional publishers as Holzer is in the process of looking for a good home for it. Any takers?