Mindfulness for Parents by Amber Hatch

mindfulnessMuch like the benefits of meditation, the quiet wisdom of Mindfulness for Parents sneaks up on you. Amber Hatch has captured perfectly the pitfalls of parenting and the remarkable equanimity that can be achieved by practicing compassion, loving kindness and mindfulness. Whether you are new to parenting, new to meditation, or both – you will reap the benefits of Hatch’s insights and practical advice.

Ms. Hatch, a parent, child-minder and long time practitioner of Buddhist meditation herself, clearly writes from experience. Her tips on everything from dealing with a melt down, to stopping negative self-criticism and letting go of being the “perfect” parent, to finding small slices of time to cultivate mindfulness, are spot on. Recognizing the emotions at play, (your own and your child’s), mindfully choosing your response and your words, and speaking kindly and gently as much as possible, become easier with Hatch’s help. And, as the author points out, forgiving one’s self when falling short of this ideal, is a form of practicing loving kindness as well.

Parents, teachers and family counselors will be well served with this book. Mindfulness for Parents is a unique contribution to the field of meditation and conscious parenting.

Amber Hatch is a writer, teacher, parent and childminder. She is the author of “Nappy Free Baby” and the best selling author of “Colouring for Contemplation.”

Available from www.watkinspublishing.com


review by Cheryl Shainmark