Merlian News Podcast Interviews with Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf

Merryn Jose has had the honor of interviewing Native American Elder, Spiritual Warrior Woman, Healer, Teacher, Visionary, & Ceremonialist, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf!

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“Oh Shinnah’s teachers have been Elders of both North and South America. From her father’s people she inherits the traditions of the Tineh (the Shishindi, meaning People of the Forest, commonly known as Apache) From her mother’s people she inherits the traditions of the Mohawk and the Scots. From her great-grandmother she inherits traditions which may be older then time. Oh Shinnah is an elder of much Wisdom, and a warrior for the People of the Earth Mother, who is guaranteed to change your life.”

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by Merlian News & Team
Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, now 73, is a Warrior Woman who long ago accepted the charge to speak and sing on behalf of the Earth. With Deep Arrow Woman and Bright Owl, who have apprenticed with her for over twenty years, she guides the Journey of the Waters each year, and leads the ceremonies. When she was young, Oh Shinnah endured all the physical, mental, and spiritual training undertaken by the men of the Chiricahua Band of her Shishindi Nation (Apache). She bears also Mohawk and Scottish heritage, and she has studied with some of the best known Native elders, and taught with many of them.Now in the Grandmother phase of her life, Oh Shinnah is a poet, songwriter, singer, activist, ceremonial leader. She holds two degrees in music, two in psychology, and a Ph.D. She is a two-time winner of the Chicago Critics Poetry Award, winner of the Helen Caldicott Humanitarian Award for Women and many other prestigious honors.