The Center for Health & Healing in Mt. Kisco, NY

The Center for Health & Healing is a family-owned Holistic Health and Learning Center located in the heart of Mount Kisco, N.Y. Founded five years ago by Melanie Ryan and her partner Andy Steigmeier, the couple has put together a highly skilled team of practitioners trained in holistic, integrative, modern, and ancient healing modalities. Services include Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, holistic psychotherapy, massage, Reiki, and much more.

From their website we read: “Our Holistic Learning Center provides educational, learning opportunities to assist you on your healing journey. We believe that education and community bonding play a profound role in health and the healing process. Our event facilitators are local, international and world-renowned master teachers and authors who offer ongoing weekly classes, community healing circles, workshops, and professional trainings.”


A year after their opening The Examiner wrote that The Center for Health and Healing is as much a learning and training facility as it is a place where patients can de-stress and find natural solutions to health issues. Workshops, classes and professional training sessions are provided by world-renowned master teachers and authors. The facility also collaborates with the Rhinebeck-based Westchester Buddhist Center to provide meditation sitting groups.

Body & Soul: How to Deepen Your (Spiritual) Connection by Sahar Huneidi

| by Sahar Huneidi

Spiritual awareness is really about integrating the two duality forces which exist in many forms and on various levels: the Yin & Yang, the passive &active, the essence & form, spirit & matter – more to the point, body & soul. Once you are aware of the inherent polarity you can begin to understand that as we develop one aspect, spiritual awareness (the soul) or the mind, we must also develop the other complimentary force, the body in order to maintain harmony and balance in our lives; and to strengthen the connection between body and soul.

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Using Ayahuasca to Help Brazilian Prisoners

In stark contrast to the treatment of prisoners in the United States, therapists working with some prisoners in Brazil have implemented a holistic approach to treating inmates with meditation, yoga and Reiki. Now they have gone a step further in the hopes of initiating changes for the inmates at a deep spiritual level… As reported in The New York Times: Two years ago, the volunteer therapists at Acuda (a pioneering prisoners’ rights group in Porto Velho) had a new idea: Why not give the inmates ayahuasca as well?

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