The Green Thoreau – America’s First Environmentalist

The Green Thoreau – America’s First Environmentalist on Technology, Possessions, Livelihood, and More

Edited by Carol Spenard LaRusso

Henry David Thoreau saw nature as teacher and companion, and many of his philosophies guide the contemporary environmental movement. What Thoreau wrote about simplicity, materialism, technology, and our troubled relationship with nature is perhaps even more relevant to our lives today than it was in the nineteenth century. In these pages, editor Carol Spenard LaRusso presents quotations by Thoreau on nature, technology, livelihood, living, possessions, time, diet and food, and aspiration. At turns passionate, funny, and profound, this collection serves as a compelling introduction – or vivid reminder – of why Thoreau is one of America’s iconoclastic greats.

“[Thoreau] took man’s relation to nature and man’s dilemma in society…beat all these matters together…and produced an original omelet from which people can draw nourishment on a hungry day.” – E. B. White on Walden

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by Carol Spenard LaRusso, editor