Using Qi Gong to Fight Covid 19

You did everything right: you quarantined, wiped down your groceries, wore a mask, stayed out of restaurants and did your best to reduce risk; and yet, you still contracted Covid. What do you do now? Well, in addition to everything your doctor recommends, you might want to add Qi Gong to your regimen to speed up your recovery. One of my favorite Qi Gong masters, is Lee Holden at  He studied with Master Mantak Chia, an early teacher of mine. Master Holden recently wrote about some interesting research highlighting the benefits of using Qi Gong in the fight against Covid.

Lee Holden reported that Qi Gong is being prescribed to COVID-19 patients in China right now, and that the early results are extremely promising: In China, doctors asked 20 patients to practice 12-minute Qi Gong videos at home as a part of their COVID-19 recovery plan. According to the study, “All of the participants who completed the exercises reported a significant decrease in shortness of breath and increased physical ability and quality of life…”

This is what Albert Yeung, an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School with a major in epidemiology said about Qi Gong’s role in recovering from COVID-19 (and similar viruses):  “…Qi Gong is one form of mind-body exercise that helps to decrease your stress reaction, become more relaxed… When you practice Qi Gong you undertake slow, deep breathing which helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system … so this helps a lot with our recuperation and self-healing.”

Of course you don’t have to wait until you get sick to get the benefits of practicing Qi Gong. In fact,there is a strong body of research indicating that practicing Qi Gong regularly strengthens the immune system and may help to lessen the risk, or ameliorate the effects of many diseases.

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by Merryn Jose
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