World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day – April 27th

World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day – April 27th, 2013 Each year, on the last Saturday of April, thousands of people congregate in dozens of countries to celebrate and practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong. This year that means Saturday, April 27th, is the day! Join a worldwide moving meditation that starts in New Zealand in the morning and moves across time zones, culminating in Hawaii nearly a day later.

In addition to promoting awareness of the great health benefits of tai chi and qi gong, members gather together to share a healing vision for the world and to breathe that vision together. In fact, the theme of this year’s event is “One World… One Breath.” Participants hope to “Provide a global vision of cooperation for health & healing purposes across geopolitical boundaries, and also an appeal to people worldwide to embrace wisdom from all the cultures of the world.”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, tai chi and qi gong are methods for balancing life energy, or chi, through exercise, regulated breathing and rhythmic movements. This in turn can alleviate illness and restore good health. Both practices are rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy and martial arts and are now used in many alternative medicine settings.

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Qi Summit: Open Your Heart, Be the Change

| by Staff

The Chi Center Presents a Day of Healing, Rejuvenation, and Celebration with Mingtong Gu and Guests – Open Your Heart, Be the Change Qi Summit 2012-2013 Live & Online Event March 3rd, 2013, 11am – 6pm Craneway Pavillion, Pt Richmond, CA

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Qi Gong and Parkinson’s

Master Mingtong Gu and The Chi Center present: “The 3rd Annual Parkinson’s Recovery Summit” a workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico February 21-24, 2013 There is now a critical body of persons who are on the road to recovery. Parkinsons Recovery Summits are an opportunity to network, connect and discover more about the therapies that are helping people reverse the symptoms of Parkinsons.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference

| by Reviewer

The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation Presents: A Special Conference at Stonybrook, NY from October 18-21, 2012 This year our theme is “Transformation: Consciousness and Quantum Medicine.” With Dr. Amit Goswami, a well-known nuclear physicist and author, among a full roster of practicing TCM experts, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in-depth in TCM principles and practices. It might even change your perspective on life!

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Chinese Medicine: Dr. S. X. Ke by Merryn Jose

Dr. S. X. Ke has been of tremendous help to me on numerous occasions. His herbal remedies for balancing the Kidneys and digestion exceptionally beneficial. On our first meeting he gave me herbs to balance and strengthen my entire system, while assisting me in avoiding surgery at the time.

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The Spiritual Benefits & History of Reishi Mushrooms

| by Reviewer

Reishi supplements all 3 treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen) but has the most tonic action on Shen (spiritual radiance). Many Chinese herbalists recognize that wild Reishi mushroom benefits Shen more than any other herbal adaptogen known. The Ganoderma mushroom is a Chinese symbol for longevity. It is often compared to the lotus flower from the Buddhist traditions in terms of its significance as a spiritual symbol.

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The Way of Qigong: Body, Breath, and Mind by Kenneth S. Cohen

| by Kenneth S. Cohen

“Although there are many styles of qigong, they are all based on a practice called Standing Meditation, a way of standing like a tree with deep roots and tall, supple branches. Standing Meditation is said to improve posture, balance, strength, and vitality. It also makes the mind quiet and alert. The practice is based on “the Three Tunings”– gently adjusting the body, breath, and mind so that they make clear and harmonious “music.””

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The Chi Center: Wisdom Healing Qigong Website™

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“Wisdom Healing Qigong was developed by Dr. Ming Pang, a Qigong Grandmaster trained in both western medicine and traditional chinese medicine. He synthesized his profound medical knowledge of the old and new healing sciences with the ancient Qigong practice. The result is an integrative system of self-healing and cultivation that is suited for the modern pragmatic world.” NEW ! Online Course with Mingtong Gu. Qigong Teachings, Guided Instruction & Practice, Starts Thursday, July 28!

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Ancient Chinese Exercise: Crane Exercise for Self Healing by Drew DiVittorio

| by Drew DiVittorio

Drew DiVittorio is a nutritional consultant, a health coach, and is national board certified in Traditional Chinese Herbology by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine. “The Crane Exercise is designed to strengthen the organs within the trunk of the body. Even though these organs are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, the Crane Exercise enables us to balance the energy and thereby promote a smoother functioning of these organs.”

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Energy or Qi by Dr. S. X. Ke

A comparison between eastern and western medicine through the definition of the energy known as Qi. In Chinese medicine, this ‘energy’ is called Qi, and is roughly translated to mean an ‘air-like substance’ or ‘life-power’…The latest research in physics, consistently prove that our universe is fundamentally made of energy. It consists of negative and positive parts. This, we call in ancient Chinese medicine, ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ Qi.

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