Green Med Info – A Holistic Resource

There are many great holistic websites but this is one of our favorites: , where the motto is “Education Equals Empowerment.” In their mission statement the founder, Sayer Ji, writes, “ exists in order to provide convenient and open access to the biomedical research available today on the therapeutic value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment.” The website provides articles, newsletter, videos and more to help physicians, health care practitioners, clinicians, researchers and the layperson with an evidence-based resource through which the potential or actual therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods can be determined.

Recent articles include features about Antiperspirants as a possible source of breast cancer ; the healing benefits of the black seed,Nigella, ; and an interview with Vandana Shiva, the scientist, philosopher and environmental activist.

There is a link for a professional membership available to holistic practioners that want to fully use the resources of the website, (and pay accordingly) but the average layperson will find a wealth of information available with out the full membership. For more information, or to check out this great resource, go to