Merlian News Podcasts with Teresa Hale on Meditation

Merryn Jose & Teresa HaleTeresa Hale began teaching Meditation and Yoga over 40 years ago. Her exploration in this field led to the creation of The Hale Clinic – the world’s leading complementary health center, where she continued to deepen her understanding and practice of Meditation and Yoga. Teresa has had direct experience of how Meditation can be applied to a whole range of situations including Health, Creativity, Mental Ability, Reduction of Stress, the Workplace and Scientific Research. She also has a deep interest in the Philosophical and Spiritual aspects of Meditation.

In this podcast, Merryn Jose discusses meditation with Teresa Hale. They talk about:

  • why you should meditate
  • Soul Atma
  • Soul Emergence
  • how meditation can help us in our work
  • the connection between health and meditation
  • the role the mind and heart play
  • how Teresa teaches meditation as a quick fix as well as a lifelong journey of discovery and more!

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Hale Clinic on Meditation: Research & Science

What Is The Connection Between Spirituality And Medicine? by Teresa Hale


What Is The Connection Between Spirituality And Medicine? by Teresa Hale

| by Teresa Hale

Teresa Hale from the Hale Clinic discusses the importance of spirituality in its relation to medicine, health, and illness: ” All religions recognize the presence of the Divine in healing. Acknowledging this powerful healing force within humanity can only support medicine and not detract from it.”

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Hale Clinic on Meditation: Research & Science

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Centuries ago, yogis discovered that through the use of meditation and yoga practices, they were able to address physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that were arising in themselves. Many yogis maintained perfect health on all levels. The sacred knowledge of yoga has been passed down from guru to disciple for centuries and is growing rapidly in popularity in western society as people turn to yoga for answers to their medical and mental concerns. Ancient yogic techniques can be used in a fresh approach to living, as they address many of the problems that we all face in our daily lives.

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