Is There a Place for Geomancy Today? by Tim Walter

Geomancy is a bizarre and highly contentious approach to mental wellness and spiritual harmony. ‘Geomancy’ isn’t even the correct term for the work that people such as myself do. I said as much in one of my recent YouTube videos . There isn’t really a label that is ‘correct’ for this practice. We use ‘Geomancy’ as that is the closest label we have and most people recognise what is being identified with such a label. Given that modern Geomancy has no official structure, and what each geomancer provides their clients is different, is there really a place for Geomancy in our modern world?

Modern Geomancy

Rather predictably, I would of course respond by saying, ‘yes’. Modern Geomancy can be an effective way to help people find more peace and confidence in their worlds. This is particularly the case when combined with a “talking-cure”. It is a way for people to discover “who they are” and deal with past emotional issues or trauma. Geomancy does so by assisting people see how they are intimately connected to their surroundings, to their world around them. The location of detrimental aspects such as water lines or toxic lines can sometimes be seen symbolically on a floorplan.  For example, more than once I have found detrimental earth energy spirals or lines blocking the front door of house in which the owner is self-employed and is either wanting to embark upon a new direction for their business or they can’t figure why they have been unable to start a new aspect of their work. Remove these detrimental lines or spirals by asking the Management to re-balance them and the person suddenly finds the momentum they had been missing.

While modern geomancy is very far from the mainstream in terms of a wellness modality, a practitioner usually uses some very mainstream practices such as mindfulness and meditation to access their intuition to provide accurate dowsing results. While these are all spiritual practices the whole experience can be quite grounded and down to earth. Indeed, as those of you who regularly meditate will know, it is very important to be as grounded as possible when immersing one’s self in spiritual activities in order to retain the ‘balance of being’.

When I say my clients are intimately connected to their surroundings I am suggesting this interconnectedness exists at a very deep, a ‘star-stuff’ level. We as a species are ‘of the earth’, we are of the cosmos; we share the same basic building blocks and our minds have the ability to interact with these facets of creation because our minds form a major part of the way this reality is presented to us. Day to day, however, we often feel adrift, unconnected, free (or depending upon your viewpoint) lonely, beings. Each of us appears completely separate from everything around us, even from our loved ones.

But Geomancy can help us feel far more connected. It can be a paradigm shifting process as it is as much about an attitude to life, hence a philosophical exercise, as much as it is a physical interaction. Geomancy works through a combination of belief and a very ‘real’ cocktail of energies and mind-bending potentially mystical concepts all of which occur in our reality in a specific time and space. Sounds like nonsense of course, as we are not used to using these sort of descriptions to portray our experience of life.

When I talk about a person’s ‘belief’ I am not referring to belief as part of the common perception of the placebo effect, but of belief being part of the individual’s general daily modus operandi. There can be a fundamental shift in the perceptions of an individual mindset, albeit at a very subtle level to their surroundings. These shifts are apparent in comments I sometimes receive after working on a home., For instance this one recently, “We have noticed a difference in the house …  it seems to feel less crowded and the air seems clearer” or this one from a client at the end of last year, “You have really changed the energy of the house and the way I live in it.”

Geomancy or ‘reality engineering’?

Often as Geomancers we are working with people who have a level of fear built into their life-script, (‘life script’ being one’s perspective from which they perceive everything around them and which leads their individual psychological/perceptual biases). Often fear is deeply rooted in the subconscious and it is only when any therapist or wellness provider highlights the issues or the person removes the issues that is causing the fear that they recognise a sense of freedom within themselves.

Geomancy highlights issues in a person’s surroundings that can be changed (by the intervention of the Management upstairs) in order that the person feels more at ease and more suited to their own immediate environment. A Geomancer will change subtle aspects of a person’s environment but the change is felt within the person. It is a perception of how they feel within the house and therefore within themselves. This subtle shift affects the mind’s daily biases and the mechanism of reality co-creation around them.

What I find particularly interesting is the amount of times that the surrounding neighbourhood of a client to start to improve after a Geomancy re-balancing. Health food shops have a habit of opening up near by and creative courses are suddenly offered by local libraries, church halls, social clubs or suchlike. It is no surprise really when what we are changing is the client’s perception of their world. Once the client’s perception of their world changes they are open to new things being present in that world that they hadn’t noticed before. So, in this sense I like to call what I do with clients ‘reality engineering’. It’s is only a label, but I like its implications. And as far as I am concerned if that makes a person’s life on earth more rewarding and fulfilling then no matter how ‘woo-woo’ or ‘wacky’ it may first appear to a mainstream perspective, there will always be a place for reality engineering.

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Reprinted by kind permission of Tim Walter at Writing scripts, making television programmes and producing conferences since the early eighties, Tim’s life changed dramatically when he and his family moved to a large Georgian townhouse in the Forest of Dean, England. There were many strange things that occurred in that house as it transpired all that was required were the services of a dowser, something Tim had never heard of at the time.

Tim was fortunate to work with the great late Hamish Miller who became Tim’s mentor during the last 7 years of his life before passing in 2010. Today Tim lives in North Yorkshire and is a transformational life coach using Personal Subtle Energy Management, a Geomancer and EFT practitioner. He uses these intuitive tools to help people change their realities so they live as their fullest selves at peace in their own worlds. Tim runs workshops on psychic development, dowsing, meditation and mindfulness, and gives talks on the power of our subjective realities to heal the self. He is co-author, with Adrian Incledon-Webber, of Spirit & Earth.

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